A modern warehouse of Hyundai

2017-09-11 17:14:35 szlamp 2

A modern warehouse of Hyundai

Country: Belgium

Place:  Hyundai

Product: TN6, EMC

Project size: 19.2sqm

Upgraded products: GN series

How do you think a modern warehouse should be? Products well-categorized,  everything in the right place, auxiliary mechanization for goods moving, tracking system, etc. The goods and storage space can be controlled accurately, transportation and management become easier. Is your warehouse a modern one? You may say “yes, my warehouse is exactly like that, it’s quite artificial intelligent.”


But my question is whether your warehouse has installed a Led screen? One led screen can display goods and logistics information, play welcome greetings for customers, as well as rules that workers need to bear in mind? Obviously, most of warehouses are in need of such an “important” screen.


Hyundai in Belgium installed in one of their warehouses a banner screen which is used to display time, company notices, rules , products information and strategies for visiting customers. It’s straightforward and easy to remember. After the installation of this screen, managers will not have to worry about the employees missing any company notices. And when customers come for visit, it can help showcasing advantages of company to enhance the possibility of cooperation


The bulletin board in warehouse can be replaced by LED screen as it can publish all kinds of notices and activities content. The screen broad image can be divided into various parts or a whole one by control system, which is more convenient and smarter.

Led screens should be a standard part of modern warehouse; do you want to add one or more?