LED signs

2017-09-11 18:01:53 szlamp 2

In the United States, LED warning signs are widely used, especially in road sections where schools, churches and welfare homes are located, to remind the flow of drivers  and pedestrians. After all, nothing is more precious than life.


The LED warning signs warn passers-by mainly through text and icons, with a specific indicator. As small-sized screens, the warning signs are installed in very eye-catching intersections or central positions to attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians.


Therefore, LED warning signs have high requirements for brightness, temperature tolerance and quality, and less requirements for resolution. Though SMD HD displays are popular, most LED warning signs use DIP bright outdoor displays. Comparatively, DIP lamps are brighter and more durable.



Generally, LED warning signs are non-commercial displays. This type of screens is not expensive, and used more in economically developed areas and boasts a higher social value than advertising displays.