Rio Olympic games are enthusiastic,Lamp sport led display is hot-selling.

2017-09-12 10:28:11 szlamp 24

Stadium Advertising Display

Location: Italy

Quantity: 460m

Rio 2016 Olympic games are fiercely forge ahead, the world’s most outstanding athletes all are now in Rio , they are cited for the spirits of sports, compete for their country. A lot of excellent athletes moved the world by their sport performance, love sport, love our life. Lamp tech bless china can have good success in Rio Olympic.


The Olympic spirits have encouraged people pay more attention on sports, much more people understood the important of sport, life just one time, excise more, then we can be healthier and happier. Lamp tech’s sport led display increase steady for years in global market.


An indoor basketball gymnasium in Sweden, 10mm pitch customized displays have been produced by Lamp tech. Totally with three parts: the main broadcasting display, score display, all sides broadcasting display.